Bitcoin to its knees, Neblio takes off

The only “green” coins from the CMC (Coinmarketcap) Top100 are currently Neblio, Nexus, Smartcash, Quantstamp and Tether. Very interesting is Neblio with an increase of over 40% in the last few hours. Neblio does not show the “BitcoinCrash” and apparently wants to go high. You can trade Neblio at Binance*.

Attention: Binance is currently open for new registrations, be quick!

*=Affiliate/Ref Link
Many Exchanges are overflowing, some providers only allow new users to be refered by existing users, which happens via this link. With some providers you get discounts (for example, on trading fees) when you register via such an advertising link. In return, I receive (as your advertiser) a commission. You have no increased fees or other disadvantages by using an affiliate / ref link.